3 years MIA~ Update!!

Our son was born in Moreno Valley, California on September 14, 2012 at 7:55pm (Weight 7.28lbs Height 18 3/4).  From the beginning of our adoption process, all the worry and emotions, to Connor’s finalization hearing December 21, 2012 and the pure joy of finally being a forever family was totally worth it.  I really hate that I’ve not been on the blog to update our precious moments with you all.

We are now trying to add to our family and give our sweet son a sibiling.  We thought at first we would try our hand at infertility treatments again, but now are leaning towards Foster/Adopt.  Please join us as we endure the ups and downs of becoming Foster Parents!

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Long over due update!!

Our reservations have been made to fly out to CA on September 28th, which is only 2 weeks away.  We are hoping to be at the hospital for our baby boys arrival.  Connor’s due date has been pushed up to 9/30-10/03.  Last night we got in some new luggage for the trip and also one of our expectant mom gifts.  Friends and family have been sending gifts for baby boy.  Its so much fun going home to presents in the mail!!  Last night I had to work late and Chris even waited for me before he opened all the packages.  He knows how excited I get!! 🙂  Everyday seems like an eternity.  We can’t wait!!!  I’m sure there is other things I need to tell you but my mind goes blank thinking about Connor.

We are trying to work out family visits when we get back home.  As of right now, my dad and stepmom are coming down as soon as we give them word that we have ICPC clearance to leave the state of CA.  My mom and brother are coming down the next week and then Chris’s dad and stepmom the next week.  Other family members will probably be stopping in randomly as well.  We have planned to head up to AL for the Christmas holiday and visit our extended family.  The whole family is so excited to meet Connor just like we are!!

Officially announcing….

We had decided to keep baby boy’s name a secret and do a big reveal when he was born, but we haven’t been able to keep a secret.  Announcing……….drum roll please…….Baby boy Connor McKenzie (First & Middle) is due in 7.5 weeks!!! Eeek!!

Chris has been very busy putting the crib and dresser together (pictures below).  Sometimes I wonder who is more excited about baby Connor.  I’ve seen some first time dads who weren’t very eager to get the baby’s room together.  I can’t seem to slow Chris down.  All he wants to do is put Connor’s room together. 🙂

We received our first correspondence from Connor’s first mom last week on the day of our anniversary.  We feel so much more confident in our match after communicating with her.  She also said she felt the same way.  Just got out our 2nd letter with more pictures and can’t wait for her response.

Our 2nd home study visit went off without a hitch.  Final home study approved and waiting signatures.  Can’t wait to have the fully executed copy in my hands. 🙂

New Dresser/changer combo

New Dresser/changer combo


New 4-1 crib

New 4-1 crib


The Waiting

Things have been a buzzzz in our household!  We are anxiously waiting for our little baby boy!  Just ordered the crib and dresser, which are due to arrive this week.  Our baby bedding arrived last week.  We are slowly stocking up on the needed items.  Our 2nd Home Study visit is next Monday and our first tour of the day care we’d like for baby boy.  Just looked at the calendar to see that their’s only about 9.5wks until his arrival!!

People keep asking when we will have our baby shower.  Since our situation is different than most, we are chosing to have our shower after the baby is born.  I know Stephanie is quite eager to start planning!  We are currently registered at Babys-R-Us.  Please keep us in your thoughts!

Matched w/Baby Boy due 10/6/12

We are very happy to announce that we are matched with a baby boy due 10/6/12!!  We are very excited/nervous and can’t wait for October!!  Our new little bundle will be such a great addition to our lives.  We have so many hurdles to overcome between now and then so stay tuned!

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